Welcome to First Light Farm CSA

What CSA means for YOU:

YOU EAT very fresh produce.  
Selling locally allows us to harvest our vegetables when the are Ripe, as opposed to harvesting when they are ready to be shipped across the country.  

YOU KNOW where your food comes from. 
And how it was grown. We encourage discussion regarding our production systems.

YOU SUPPORT our local economy.
Your investment helps keep money and other resources recirculating among members of our own community.   Local self-reliance reduces our dependency upon external inputs (from China) and their inherent waste.

YOU PARTICIPATE in the movement.
One where local people have a say over what would otherwise be left to unconscious market forces.  In deciding how our local resources are best allocated for long term community vitality, we embrace E.F. Schumacher's challenge:
Let's create an economy where decisions are made as if PEOPLE mattered.
Small is Beautiful

What CSA means to Farmers:  
   We can devote more energy to growing food and less energy trying to sell it.  Because we know who will be eating our vegetables each week, we are both compelled and inspired to do our best for you.  Really, the way I see it, CSA transforms our crops from sale-able commodities into shareable gifts.  Your appreciation is our motivation.    

Thanks for giving First Light Farm the opportunity to Grow and Share Food with our Community,


Mike and the First Light team